Orchestrated Moves Services

How We Orchestrate Moves

Eric and Geri Cosgrove are seasoned Realtors who support Ottawa families in their time of need by easing the process of relocating, downsizing or settling an estate. They professionally managing complex relocation projects involving a client’s real estate and their personal property. 

Our team approach is based on a “one-point-of-contact” method when effective action is needed, prompted by changes in someone’s personal circumstances, or the settling of an estate triggers the sale of real estate.

In an orchestrated fashion, we are ready to secure the property, inventory assets, prepare the home for sale, (whatever it takes) and sell it for a fair price. Care and discretion are used when arranging to empty the property, distribute family treasures, and dispose of surplus items.

Throughout the process, we work in concert with family members, legal and financial professionals, hand-picked service providers—all to manage any challenge faced by seniors in transition or by Executors. 

Our Process

Consultation and Planning

  • Consultation with all parties - families, Powers of Attorney & Executors.
  • Prepare plan for Real Estate and Personal Property
  • Secure and inventory physical assets
  • Appraisal of Art, Antiques, Real Estate, etc..


Organizing Personal Property

  • Organize, sort, de-clutter and label Personal Property
  • Arrange for secure document shredding
  • Securely ship family treasures and heirlooms to family members worldwide
  • Appraisal of Art, Antiques, Real Estate, etc..


Selling The Real Estate & Moving

  • List Real Estate for sale on Multiple Listing Service and implement detailed “Full Service Real Estate” multi media marketing plan
  • Prepare Real Estate for sale (Repair, Clean, Paint, Stage, etc.)
  • Negotiate the sale of Real Estate
  • Help Select appropriate Movers
  • Respectfully dispose of surplus items through Auction, Consignment, Charities, Recycle, etc.

Our Team

When engaged to sell a home and help deal with the contents, we secure and coordinate the services of any and all service partners needed to get the job done: Move Managers, Stagers, Professional Organizers, Landscapers, Cleaners, Painters, Appraisers, Inspectors, Auctioneers, Recyclers, Charities, Consignment stores, Movers, Storage Facilities, Junk Removal, etc...  We work with trustworthy partners to assure that our clients enjoy timely, reliable and efficient services. 

Hallmarks of our service

· Professionalism
...so, everything is done right the first time.

· Clear Communication
...so, we are all on the same page.

· Teamwork
...so, we all work to the right tempo.

· Resourcefulness
...so ready solutions are quickly implemented.

Peace of Mind!

Service Beyond Real Estate

• Relocation • Downsizing • Estate Settlement